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Helping make Canadian roads safer for all

What we do

We’re dedicated to keeping Canadians safe – no matter how they get around. Through community projects, innovations, and employee engagement, we continue to develop new ways to improve road safety.

Our projects

We’re committed to creating and supporting community projects that provide real solutions when it comes to road safety, pedestrian safety, and protecting our school zones.

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Our innovations

By creating partnerships with organizations who can effect positive change, we’re advancing leading road safety initiatives, innovative products and technology, so we can help all Canadians drive safer.

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Our expertise

We utilize a data-driven approach to solving road safety issues. We also empower our employees to volunteer in road safety initiatives.

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Current initiatives

Check out our most recent road safety project.

Road safety affects us all. Tell us how your community is making a difference.

Since we’re “returning to a new normal” this fall, we want to hear about what initiatives have been happening in your community during quarantine, and which ones you hope stick around for the long haul.

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We’ve analyzed data from thousands of insurance claims from across the country to identify real opportunities to create lasting change. Now, we’re on a mission to make roads safer for every Canadian.

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