About Aviva Take Back Our Roads

We’re on a mission to make Canadian roads and school zones safer for all.

Rallying Canadians for change

Trouble lingers whenever we start the car, stroll along the sidewalk, or cycle through our streets. We all know it’s there, yet we do little about it. We can’t ignore it any longer. It’s time to rally together and do whatever it takes to make safer roads a reality. We’ve got the data, the people and the means to make a huge impact in our communities. Let’s take back our roads!

Mining data for opportunities

We have a wealth of data that we can use for good. Thousands of auto claims can help show us which roads, intersections and areas pose the most danger — and where we can make the biggest change. When we work together for change, we all win. Safer roads mean fewer collisions and injuries for everyone.

Three ways we’re taking action

Through our people, our projects and our collaborators, we’re bringing our mission to life.

Our People

Aviva employees volunteer their time and expertise in data to drive road safety solutions in communities.

Our Projects

We’re committed to supporting real on-the-ground road safety initiatives across Canada.

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Our Collaborators

We’re driving many road safety innovations through our key collaborators.

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Our success stories

Discover all the ways we’re making an impact on road safety in communities across Canada.

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We’re part of something big

We’re proud to be an active member of Canada's foremost road safety associations.

Aviva Community Fund

After 10 years of creating positive change in communities across the country, we’re transitioning from the Aviva Community Fund and focusing on helping make safer roads a reality for all. The impact we made together will live on through Aviva Take Back Our Roads.

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