About Aviva Take Back Our Roads

Take Back Our Roads is a road safety program that tackles dangerous roads and school zones across Canada to reduce serious injuries and fatalities.

To us, it doesn’t matter how you get around - drive, bike, or walk. Because we all share our roads, we all share in the responsibility to make them safer.

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Rallying Canadians for change

Every time we put our keys in the ignition,
Stroll down the sidewalk or cycle through our streets,
Trouble is nearby.
We’ve all had close calls,
And heard heartbreaking stories.
Yet we don’t always take action.

We can’t sit still any longer.
Every Canadian has the right to safer roads.
So we’ll leave no stone unturned,
No question unasked, and no technology unconsidered,
All in the pursuit of making meaningful change to make our roads safer.
We know it can be done—but we know it can’t be done alone.

By bringing together our people, our data, and our partners,
We’ll team up with communities to take action to achieve our common goal: to make safer roads a reality.

Together, we’re going to Take Back Our Roads.

Mining data for opportunities

We have a wealth of data that we can use for good. Thousands of car collision claims can help show us which roads, intersections and areas pose the most danger - and where we can make the biggest change. When we work together for change, we all win. That means safer roads for all Canadians.

Three ways we’re taking action

Through our projects, innovations, and employee engagement, we’re tackling road safety issues in ever-evolving ways.

A parent is holding their child’s hand to help them safely cross the road on the way to school.

Our projects

We’re creating and supporting on-the-ground community projects that implement tangible solutions to communities’ most pressing road safety problems.

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Aviva employees conducting a whiteboard session to develop innovative road safety ideas.

Our innovations

We’re committed to establishing corporate partnerships with companies, governments, nonprofits and charities to advance the adoption of innovative safety products, initiatives and technology.

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Aviva employees in the office, collaborating to create road safety solutions.

Our employee engagement

We’re utilizing our expertise to take a data-driven approach to solving road safety issues. We’re also advocating and promoting road safety with volunteer initiatives.

A young boy jogging across an intersection in a suburban looking neighbourhood.

Our success stories

Discover all the ways we’re making an impact on road safety in communities across Canada.

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We’re part of something big

We’re proud to be an active member of Canada's foremost road safety associations.

Aviva Community Fund

After 10 years of creating positive change in communities across the country, we’ve transitioned from the Aviva Community Fund and are focusing on helping make safer roads a reality for all. The impact we made together will live on through Aviva Take Back Our Roads.

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