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Tell us about a community that’s taking back their roads

By Aviva Canada on

Our Communities in Action blog will feature communities  from across the world that are making roads safer for everyone.

You can share your own community’s story about taking back your roads and be featured right here! Or perhaps you’ve admired another’s country’s innovative approach to road safety and wondered how it could be used in Canada… Let us consult our collaborators and find out for you!  The story you share with us has the potential to inspire communities across the country (and world!) to take action. 

Often the best ideas are simple ones. They’ve been imagined, tested and executed by people just like you. So what are you waiting for? We’re accepting your stories, tips and best practices to make safer roads a reality for everyone. Let’s take back our roads!

How it works.

It’s easy – tell us your story, explain what you did or the solution you’re inspired by, and share any learnings or challenges. Once your story is submitted, we’ll review it and the best stories will be featured on our website. You have a voice in the future of road safety and we want to hear it!