Elementary Road Safety Guide

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Aviva Canada and Parachute introduce the Elementary Road Safety Program

This Elementary Road Safety Guide will show you how to measure the safety conditions in your local school zone and provide recommendations on how to improve it.

If you’re reading this, you believe strongly in road safety, and you definitely believe in safe school zones.


Each year, an average of 156,000 people are injured or killed on our roads and road related injuries remain the number one cause of death for Canadian children under the age of 14. (Source: Transport Canada)


In addition, 30 child pedestrians and 20 children on bicycles are killed each year – along with injuries to over 2,400 child pedestrians and 1,800 children on bicycles. (Source: Parachute)


This is unacceptable, yet collisions continue.


Earlier this year, Aviva Canada launched Take Back our Roads, a new social impact campaign that seeks to increase road safety by positively influencing the built road environment. Where other campaigns focus on behaviour change, Aviva Canada focuses on projects, innovation and the engagement of over 4,000 employees across Canada, leveraging the data and the expertise that comes from supporting people who have experienced car collisions.


Parachute is an expert in the field of school zone safety and works tirelessly to promote a safer Canada by preventing serious and fatal injuries through evidence-based solutions, advocacy and education.


*This guide has been adapted from Parachute’s Elementary Road Safety Guide

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