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Aviva gives employees time off on the first day of school

By Aviva Canada on

The first day of school can be busy for many families.

Whether starting a new routine or returning to an old one, we all need extra time when heading out the door. That’s why Aviva offers all employees the opportunity to take off the time they need on the first day of school.

It’s the right thing to do.

Employees are able to be there for their children, while doing their part to make our roads safer; by driving slowly through school zones, paying attention to local crossing guards and stopping for school buses when their lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended.   

It’s not just about being physically present for pick-up or drop-off for their children. Eliminating the feeling of being rushed lets our employees relax, which can help reduce driving errors.

The connection between safe driving and life stress.

We often associate distracted driving with behaviours such as texting or eating while driving. However, research shows that a driver’s emotional state may pose comparable safety risks when driving, even if the driver’s eyes remain on the road. For example, drivers experiencing anger or road rage are more likely to engage in aggressive driving behaviours that pose significant risks on the road (Road and Transport Research).

Life stress has been linked to detrimental road safety outcomes. Self-reported daily hassles, such as job-related stress, was found to be linked to driving errors and driving violations (Road and Transport Research).

We recognize that we can’t eliminate all stress for our employees, but we can make an impact where possible. On the first day of school, when more pedestrians are on the roads and excitement is in the air, we’re relieving job-related stress so our employees can focus on getting their family to school safely.

Eliminating the feeling of being rushed allows our employees to relax and can reduce the risk of collisions.