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Announcing our MicroTraffic grant program winners!

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Aviva Canada congratulates the five municipalities that are the recipients of the national grant program we launched in partnership with MicroTraffic this summer. The winning municipalities are:

  • Calgary
  • Halifax Regional Municipality 
  • Hamilton
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

The program will help these municipalities improve road safety outcomes at 10 of their most problematic intersections. MicroTraffic will deploy their traffic camera technology to measure the number of near misses in an intersection. Each municipality will then receive recommendations that they can use to restructure the studied intersections to avoid potentially fatal collisions. Aviva Canada will cover 75 percent of the costs associated with MicroTraffic’s work, while the municipalities will pay for the other 25 percent.

Take Back Our Roads, Aviva’s social impact platform is committed to making roadways safer for everyone. We believe part of the solution lies in understanding the near misses that happen every day. The grant program that uses MicroTraffic technology has the potential to make meaningful change in these five municipalities,” said Catherine Brown, VP of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility at Aviva Canada.Chosen municipalities are already working on road safety challenges

We received numerous strong applications for the grant program, but the five cities chosen stood out for their meaningful commitment to road safety.

Toronto, Hamilton,Calgary and  Vancouver each have extensive Vision Zero road safety plans that aim to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on the road. Halifax is focused on moving towards zero fatalities and injuries for people using any mode of transportation. And Calgary’s five-year safer mobility plan is working to achieve a 25 per cent reduction in the number of collisions that result in major injuries and fatalities.

Despite their efforts to make their roads safer for residents, each city faces serious challenges:

  • Calgary: More than 500 collisions resulting in life-altering injuries and deaths occur every year. Encouragingly, this number has seen a downward trend since 2015.
  • Halifax: Between 2018 and 2019, there was an average of 14 fatal collisions and 778 injury collisions occurring within the road right-of-way per year.
  • Hamilton: Between 2013 and 2017, there was an average of 8,202 total collisions and an average of 1,825 collisions resulting in injuries, including an average of 14 fatal collisions per year.
  • Toronto: In 2016, traffic fatalities hit a 10-year record high of 78. There’s been a slight drop since then, but more work needs to be done.
  • Vancouver: On average, the city experiences 15 fatalities, 300 serious injuries that require admission to hospital and 3,000 minor injuries that receive treatment at hospital every year. Approximately 60 percent of serious injuries and fatalities involve pedestrians or cyclists.

“Almost eight in ten road fatalities happen at locations where no fatalities had occurred in the past. Yet most infrastructure changes are based on historical crash data that involves a fatality. MicroTraffic’s technology allows for a proactive approach by using traffic camera footage to measure the number of near misses in an intersection. These five cities will be able to anticipate potentially fatal collisions and do their part to avoid them,” said Craig Milligan, CEO and Co-Founder of MicroTraffic.

As part of the grant program, city engineers from each municipality will have access to MicroTraffic’s near miss analysis to help them to take action to improve intersection safety. If the government department chooses to make changes to an intersection, Aviva Canada will provide funding for MicroTraffic to reassess the intersection’s safety after those changes have been made.

By working together, we can take valuable near miss information and use it to prevent injuries and fatalities across the country.

For more information on the MicroTraffic grant program winning municipalities and intersections, click here.


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