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The Aviva Community Fund makes way for Aviva Take Back Our Roads

By Aviva Canada on

After an incredible decade of creating positive change in communities across Canada, we are turning our focus to helping make safer roads a reality for all.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped make communities stronger through the Aviva Community Fund. Here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • Built and restored 90 community spaces
  • Funded 21 environmental projects
  • Established 26 programs for youth and at-risk individuals
  • Improved health and well-being through 25 initiatives

It was an incredible decade, with over $9.5 million donated to more than 400 charities and community groups across Canada. Since 2015, we’ve been there for Canadians through our “Ready When the Time Comes” partnership with the Canadian Red Cross. We’ve helped more than 229,000 Canadians impacted by floods, wildfires, ice storms and humanitarian emergencies.

We’re proud of the partnerships we formed in communities, and of everyone who participated in our programming, including charities, non-profits, our employees, our broker partners and you. We could not have achieved all this without your enthusiasm and support. While the Aviva Community Fund and Red Cross partnerships have now concluded, the impact we made together lives on.

“Approximately 156,000 people are injured or killed on our roads every year. ”

A transition to road safety.

Corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) is evolving from short-term tactical efforts to integrated, innovative data-driven strategies typically focused on a singular issue with long-term benefits for businesses and communities.

With that thought in mind, we’ve set out to discover what impact we can have in 2019 and beyond. We asked ourselves the question: “How can we combine our community investments and our business expertise to make an impact in Canadians’ lives and ensure a better future for all?”

Introducing Aviva Take Back Our Roads – our social impact platform aimed at helping to make Canadian roads and school zones safer for all.

Whether you’re a driver, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist – road safety affects each and every one of us. Approximately 156,000 people are injured or killed on our roads every year, and transport related injuries remain the number one cause of death for Canadian children under the age of 14 (source: Canada’s Road Safety Strategy & Parachute Canada)

We have a stake in this too – over 55% of our claims were road-related and we paid out over $1.4 billion in car accident claims in 2018.

This is why Aviva Canada is committed to leveraging our resources – our partnerships, investments, time, data and people’s expertise – to improve road safety through a solutions-oriented approach. This is not another education campaign. We’re invested in innovation and data-driven solutions to implement real, on-the-ground-built environment changes to make Canadian roads safer and reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured.

By focusing all our efforts to move the needle on one important issue, we can make an even greater impact in Canadian communities.

Join our mission to make safer roads a reality for all.